At Avalon Care Dental Practice we can provide NHS or cosmetic dental treatment. We offer NHS treatment to both adults and children.

Currently the practice isn’t able to accept new patients at this moment in time due to the effects on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our practice is accessible for disabled patients. We have wheelchair access to our reception area, toilets and three of our surgeries. It may be helpful to request a downstairs surgery when you phone to book an appointment.

NHS dental treatment includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health.


Healthy teeth begin with healthy gums, so if you have noticed bleeding, bad breath, or teeth that seem to have moved, it may be time to take a closer look at your gums.

Please book in for an examination with your dentist, we can look at your concerns related to your gums and can offer you advice and treatments with our hygienist to help maintain healthy gums in the future.

Andrea Cosky is our dedicated hygienist for the practice and is a valued member of our dental team , successfully treating and guiding her patients with periodontal diseases back to health.

Oral Health Clinic

We have a specially trained nurse who runs an oral health clinic offering up to 20 minutes of dedicated surgery time to adults and children who need more direction with their oral hygiene care. For children 3 years of age and over we also offer fluoride varnish application to help prevent tooth decay.

Services offered:
• Diet Advice
• Fluoride Application
• Toothbrush Instruction

This service is free for NHS patients. If you or your children are interested in attending the clinic please ask your dentist next time you see us for your dental examination.

Cosmetic Treatment

All patients are offered the option of NHS treatment. Sometimes the treatment you would like may not be available on the NHS. In these cases we can provide cosmetic treatment as an alternative.

For example:

  • White fillings
  • White or gold cronws, veneers and bridges
  • Tooth whitening
  • Sport gum shields
  • Six Month Smile